What is SoftCall?
How do I sign up for a SoftCall Account?
Getting Started with SoftCall
How do I install SoftCall Dialer?
How can I check my Account Balance?
Can I pay in cash because I do not have a credit card?
How can I transfer money through Western Union QUICKPAY and what are the fees?
For 10 USD, How many minutes can I talk to a desired destination?
How can I buy your services through cashU?
How can I pay for SoftCall products?
How can I transfer a call?
How can I manage my Caller ID?
How can I manage Minutes Announcement Feature?
How do I get voicemail?
Is SoftCall compatible with mobile phones?
I live in (UAE or Kuwait or Oman) and I am not able to sign in to the SoftCall PC to phone dialer successfully. I am getting a 408 request timeout or a 503 DNS error. How could it be solved?
How do I uninstall my OLD SoftCall PC dialer?
How can I contact SoftCall support?
How can I become a SoftCall Reseller?
Do you have any points of sale?
Any Signs of new SoftCall features?
Can I call all numbers in all countries?
Can I continue to make calls when I reach my monthly limit of minutes?
Can I make more than 1 simultaneous call from the same account I have with SoftCall?
Can I Call Someone who is registered on SoftCall for free?
Can anyone leave me a voicemail message?
How can I update my profile information?
How can I make a conference call with SoftCall?
Can I have multiple Calling Plans?
Can I transfer funds to another SoftCall account?
Do SoftCalling Plans expire? Moreover I purchased a SoftCalling Plan but could not make a Fund Transfer, why?
Do the same call charges apply no matter which country I am calling from?
How can I check my account balance and purchase history?
How can I check my detailed call history with all related statistics and cost?
How can I configure Nimbuzz on My PC?
How can I Improve the sound quality of the SoftCall?
How can I login to SoftCall account on your website?
How can I purchase Credits or a Calling Plan?
How can I still Use SoftCall on the mobile in UAE despite the imposed VoIP restrictions?
Can I delete my softcall account?
How do calling plans work?
How do I adjust my speaker volume during a call in SoftCall for Windows?
How do I answer a call?
How do I change my email address in my profile?
How do I dial an international number?
How do I dial an extension during a call?
How do I pay with a UKash voucher?
How Can I contact SoftCall Live Chat Support?
How do I request a refund?
How is a Calling Plan different from SoftCall Pay As You Go?
How long can I use my credit to make calls?
How many simultaneous calls can we make from SoftCallís PC to phone dialer?
How much Bandwidth does SoftCall need?
How much is the connection fee?
What is Fund Transfer service?
How to make a call using SoftCall?
I got charged more than the actual call duration so could you please check this out and do the needful?
I would like to configure SoftCall on Nimbuzz. Could you please help me with that?
What are SoftCallís Supported Codecs?
What are the Privacy Policy and terms of service of SoftCall?
What are SoftCall packages?
My Order is still in progress why is it taking much time to get authorized?
My order was cancelled, so why do I have a charge on my credit card?
How will I know when the other person answers their phone?
I am trying to login to SoftCall dialer or any other third party dialer such as Fring and I am getting: Invalid Account!
I tested SoftCall from both Mobile and PC devices and the quality is better on PC why is that?
I was checking my call history and saw that you have charged me more than the actual rates how come ?
My account is not active yet though I did register I still havenít received the email verification link, whatís the problem?
How can I save a contact in the SoftCall PC to phone dialer?
I have a problem with my bank transfer; what can I do?
How can I adjust my Call settings?
How can I change rates for my customers?
In which currency can I make payments?
Iíve forgotten my password. What can I do?
Is SoftCall compatible with mobile phones?
I am trying to login to SoftCall dialer or any other third party dialer such as Fring and I am getting: Invalid Accountís Password!
I have a problem with my Softcall voicemailÖ
I hear an echo during the call. What should I do?
Your website is blocked by our ISPÖ
Why was I charged a certain price for a call?
Why isnít my caller identification working?
How do I configure SoftCall to work with a new headset, microphone or speakers?
I signed in to SoftCall dialer and though I successfully signed in, whenever I make a call I get invalid number/account why is that?
What are the system requirements for running SoftCall?
Is another VoIP service provider providing us with cheaper rates including VAT?
Why Iím not being able to perform a purchase through PayPal?
Why is my account suspended?
Why does SoftCall display a message about an error code?
why does Call Forwarding/Transferring not work?
Why do I get Error: 503 service unavailable?
Why canít the other person hear me?
Why canít I hear the other person?
Why canít I sign in to SoftCall?
How to setup my SIP device with SoftCall?
Iím having a problem placing an order. Why is this?
What happens when someone calls me while Iím on a call?
What number will the person I am calling see if I call from SoftCall?
What version of SoftCall PC dialer that I am using?
When running the dialer, I am getting an antivirus alert please fix the problem!
Which ports need to be open to use SoftCall?
Who can see my profile information?
What is a UKash voucher and where can I buy one?
What equipment do I need in order to use SoftCall?
Can I add a landline or mobile contact to a group?
What equipment do I need in order to use SoftCall?
Why my order through Google Checkout/PayPal is not yet authorized?
How can I recharge using Vouchers?
SoftCallís billing by seconds or minutes?
How can I record a phone conversation?
How can I purchase a Calling Plan using my Accountís Balance?
How can I transfer a Calling Plan to an Existing SoftCall Member?
How can I use the Web CallBack Service?
How can I Add/Change my Credit Card details?
What is the Automated Billing Feature and How Can I enable it?
Why SoftCall is automatically crediting my account?
How do I use SoftCall with VPN on Windows 7?
How do I use SoftCall with VPN on iPhone?
How do I use SoftCall with VPN on Android?
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